My name is Lindsay and I'm a newbie blogger. I have been meaning to start for ages and now I am here, I'm going to blog lots! In the mean time here is a little bit more about me. Hmm... I sound like I belong to some sort of addiction group.

Currently learning to bake & cook more. The last cupcakes I made my sister said they were 'dry'. Collecter of books, postcards, pictures of dogs, cute notebooks, old cards and other daft stationery. Consumer of far too much sweets. Especially pick n mix's, then hide them in my pants drawer when I feel guilty but so my significant other can't eat them.
A Graduate in English with Film and Media Studies. Lives life too carefully. Plan to be more spontaneous... planning isn't spontaneous...
I covet my diary (I am ridiculously organised) and my lovely family. My ways to relax means getting the big specs and comfies on.
Saving hard for a wedding, a house and the future. Eek! Dogs are also great. Woof.

A big hello to all new (and old) people to my blog.