Monday, January 30, 2012

The next chapter begins...

Bonjour and welcome to my first blog! I have decided to set up a blog and more specifically a wedding blog for a number of reasons;

  • As a new hobby for 2012.
  • To develop my writing skills.
  • To generate some calm and vent all about the craziness that is weddings.
  • To allow our friends and family to follow our planning.
  • For the memories. The family went a bit old school in putting a announcement in the local paper which we loved.

I always wanted to start a blog but was very unsure where to start. My colleague at work, Juliet helped me with some hints and tips to setting up my page and what to write about. You can check out her blog here. If you are a girly girl like me then happy reading!

Okay so to get on with the story. Gary and I have been officially been a couple for seven years. We have known each other since primary school, through high school and is also my neighbour. However, lets make this clear; we did not like each other. Yeah there was the odd 14 year old crush (mainly from me) but the majority of the time we pretty much thought each other was a pain in the backside. So fast forward one drunken night in Stirling town when I was 17 and Gary was 18, we began dating and after going back and forth about being boyfriend and girlfriend (mainly Gary), eventually we became a couple.
The happy couple. Doing what we do best, eating and drinking.

Don't get me wrong we have had our share of tears, mini break-ups and hard times. Nevertheless the good times obviously outweighed the bad and we have had many laughs, amazing holidays and have been living together for nearly two years. Not only are we partners, but best friends and we looking forward to more of the above (hopefully not the mini break ups haha).

So on December 25th 2011, Gary proposed and this started a new chapter of our lives. He bought me this lovely ring from Beaverbrooks.
Before you ask, picked all by himself. Good man!

It is all very exciting but we have never been so confused! Neither Gary and I have been to a wedding and after flicking through lots of magazines and talking to lots of friends and colleagues, we have realised there is a lot of work involved! So hopefully this blog will help us and other people in our situation to get some ideas. People can also have a few laughs while we gain some clarity through all the stress. I have also enlisted Gary to guest blog on it as while researching wedding blogs I feel there isn't much around from a guy's perspective. As people keep saying it is his day too. Hmmm we'll see..........

Gone are the Christmas cards....


  1. Hey hun, I didn't even know you were engaged! Huge congrats to you both! Looking forward to reading your blogas soon as I figure out how to 'follow' it! Xx