Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to stay on top of things.

If there was such a Little Miss character, I would literally be Little Miss Organised. My sister, Nicola calls me Monica from Friends as I'll will probably have a little head piece on the big day. However, organisation is key and to kick things off for the wedding plans I have created lots of helpful guides to keep my head straight.

It just gets bigger and bigger and bigger...

Spreadsheet - tastic!

Warning! Will inspire you to make things.

Ironically sat next to my piggy bank.

1. A4 folder with dividers and polly pockets. Split into sections such as venues, photography, flowers, dresses etc. You will get handed lots of business cards and leaflets at wedding shows and it is good to keep them somewhere.

2. My laptop. I have a made a few lovely spreadsheets which is for things like guests, venue meetings and costs. We use spreadsheets a lot at work and they are very handy to quickly update as I'm sure there will be a lot of changes.

3. Magazines. Okay, I was a bit hesitant at first as some are so expensive but they are really helpful for ideas (as are the internet & blogs). Although, there is something quite nice about licking through and tearing out things you like. I won't lie I will proabably make a scrapbook soon.

4. My favourite engagement gift! From my lovely sister who will be my chief bridesmaid, maid of honour etc etc. We are very close and she knows how much I love stationery and other daft cute things. She got me this book. It is called 'Our very big huge wedding planner'. It's from the Bright Side gift range and is very good for the handbag. It has lots of different sections where you can doodle, list and brainstorm ideas. I'm really looking forward to filling it in and is something to keep to look back.

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