Saturday, February 4, 2012

Venue visiting.

Our first proper day venue visiting went quite well. We both work during the week and decided to take a wee cheeky day off. When making meetings to see venues, most people work Monday to Friday but you will sometimes find amazing wedding co-ordinators who will make time for you in the evenings or weekends. This is a good sign! Especially to find people who make the effort to see you.

We saw four venues today and have still got one more to go tomorrow. The meetings were Stirling Management Centre at Stirling University, the Albert Halls in Stirling town centre, MacDonald Inchyra Hotel in Grangemouth and the Highland Hotel, also in Stirling town centre (I love where this hotel is situated, right in the heart of the old town and close to the castle). 

*Courtesy of MacDonald Inchyra Hotel. Can you tell our favourite so far?

It was quite odd going to meetings being on the other side and listening to pitches (I'm usually the one doing the sales pitches at work). They ranged from amazing, totally professional and extremely helpful to very rushed, lacking in information and to even seeing our wedding as just another function. Don't get me wrong, I know these places must do hundreds of weddings and we are not naive enough to think our wedding will be that different from others. However, I don't really want to go with places that have the feeling of 'get you in, get it done and get it over with'. No thanks! 

Signs of a good meeting are co-ordinators who take you around the venue, walking you through your day and the most obvious, asking you questions about what you want (expect a mini interview – don't worry it's not scary). It was a surprise to see three out of 4 venues didn't do this. A couple of handy things to take with you to the meetings are; a notepad and pen (obviously), also I found a great checklist on the internet here, which has lots of good questions to ask. Also take money! For us it was a fun but long day and we had to take more than one break to chat it over...

 My idea of taking a break. Mmmm Chai Latte...


Gary's idea of taking a break. 


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