Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Save the date.

I've been missing in action. So has Gary, my significant other (S.O) as he won't get his butt moving to blog for me, no matter how much of my nagging.

Me: ''You could do your blog for me today''.

S.O: 'I've not got time and I'm not good at that sort of thing''.

Me: ''What about when you come home from work''? (Gary gets home roughly at 4.15pm, I get home about 7ish)

S.O: ''Well I've got stuff to do and need to make your dinner. You'll be wanting your dinner ready eh''?

Me: ''Yeah I'd rather have dinner''.

Anyhow not to bore you with our routine, my S.O and I have been busy looking at a couple more venues and I have been busy trying to sort my life out; flat, to do lists, and a mini break to Leeds. To give you a quick update, we have booked Glenskirlie House on February 16th 2013..

That is less than a year away. Scary biscuits! Full steam ahead, choo choo. It doesn't matter what date or time of year we get married but Glenskirlie do offer a great wedding. I think with anything cost is major factor and we don't want to get a bit crazy stupid with plans. To put it simply we want good food, good music (with the drinks flowing) and everyone to have a good time. Obviously we (I mean me) will be adding our own special touches to the day. More to follow on theme and decoration ideas...

Meanwhile my sister, Nicola is getting very excited and already searching for bridesmaids dresses. 
Here is a maybe. Wowzers! Better get saving, but she's worth it. Here is her hat shopping in Leeds.


  1. Congrats! We've booked our venue too. You are getting married 2 weeks after us, it is certainly scary biscuits isn't it?!

    1. Thanks Miss Smidge! Congrats to you too. We will need to get together and discuss details. I didn't realise there is so much to do!